Travelling or backpacking is a great way to see the world. Sometimes, you just need a break from your everyday life. Sometimes, you need to explore and discover new things. Sometimes, you need to get away from it all. Whatever your reason is for wanting to travel, there is a place for you. Here are … Read more


Backpacks for snowsports need to help carry your gear and also stand up to the rough and tumble on the piste. Our range of ski backpacks, snowboard backpacks, touring and freeride backpacks come from some of the best brands around including Dakine, Osprey, Black Diamond, Mammut and Salomon.

Running and Biking

Running and Biking backpacks are used when you’re on the move but you need a specialist backpack for your sport. T hey’re often larger and have more compartments than standard backpacks so that you can keep everything you need for your sport in one place. Multi-purpose backpacks are perfect for those who don’t just go … Read more


Lifestyle backpacks are where fashion meets form. They look good and help you on daily tasks. There are multiple designs and colors to choose from: A laptop backpack is a must for students. They provide comfort and style. Duffle bags are perfect for traveling and workouts. A backpack for men may have different materials such … Read more


Water backpacks or hydration packs are used when you’ll be away for a while and need hydration (taking exercise or somewhere hot). They are, as the name suggests, backpacks with a water reservoir or bladder inside. The water reservoir is connected to a pipe or tube and a mouthpiece, so you can drink while you … Read more


To successfully climb you need to be able to carry your gear to the mountain. Here’s how. Climbing gear is not very heavy, but it is bulky. The average climber carries about 30 to 40 pounds (14 to 18 kilograms) of gear, which includes a rope, harness, carabiners, helmets, boots, crampons, ice axe, food, water, … Read more


Backpacking is a way to get away while carrying your world with you. With the right gadgets you’ll stay dry, safe and entertained. It’s useful these days to be able to carry and generate your own power as well. Backpacking is a great way to see the world while carrying everything you need with you. … Read more


Hiking is a great way to stay fit and discover nature. The right equipment is essential for both comfort and safety. A good pair of shoes is the most important thing you need for hiking. Look for shoes with good traction and support. A backpack is also essential. It should be big enough to carry … Read more

Backpack Guide 2022

You’ll find our backpack reviews and discussions here as well as opinions on travel and wellness. Whether you’re an idealist travelling the world, a corporate wage slave battling your way to the office or a fitness nut needing to move we’ve got you covered. Our backpack reviews are designed to help you choose the right … Read more